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Beach Master 2 Oz Beard Oil

Beach Master 2 Oz Beard Oil

$ 19.99

Heading to the beach is fun, but going to a military owned beach is another experience entirely. The sound of small arms fire coming from a nearby range, the buzzing of helicopters overhead, and the sight of ships out in the distance just add to the ambience and fun. This release is named after the amphibious beach party units out of Coronado, CA and Little Creek, VA known as the Beachmasters. These units are known for taking over beaches by landing and supporting combat units. These hard chargers can own any beach in the world. No question. This citrus aquatic fresh scent comes from a combination of bergamot, tangerine, mandarin, pepper, sandalwood, rose, lily, patchouli, and tree moss. Regardless of where you're heading, you can start your day with an aquatic touch and own the beach with Beach Master!